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"L'Artisan-artiste", Xavier Goedecke:

Xavier Goedecke, born in 1978 in the centre of the world (Pompaples). From an early age I was surrounded by art: drawing lessons, craft activities, music, etc. After secondary school I had the good fortune to travel abroad for a year to develop my knowledge of foreign languages and the world at large.

  • Second place in a sculpture competition, State of New York.
  • Diploma for my perseverance, interest and creativity in the visual arts.

After four years at the Ecole Technique de la Valle de Joux, I obtained my Federal Certificate of Capacity in Jewellery (Jeweler option). I then spent a decade with the prestigious watch manufacturer Omega (Swatch Group), including several years as head of the Jewellery-Watch Case division. Those ten years with Omega were a revelation. It felt like being present at the birth of a new art, or rather an ancient profession brought into step with the times. My ability to repair old watch cases, wristwatches and pocket watches was universally acknowledged.

Father of two beautiful children, married to a divine goddess and a devotee of Fribourg, I left Seeland after the death of Nicholas Hayek. Our suitcases were unpacked in Villars-sur-Glne and I founded a company in the centre of Fribourg. I spend my days at your service, undertaking all manner of tasks related to precious metals.

I do utmost to your complete satisfaction and win your loyalty to my business.

I look forward to being of service.

X. Goedecke

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